Whether weather

Summer never came and then it did, but now it’s the start of autumn. Schools started, businesses turned faster, plans came to fruition and, as July switched to August the sun shone in an uninterrupted block of days. This summer, everything moved forward in time and in nature except, the weather – that is until now.

But pretty soon the cold nights will consume these uncommon warm days and an increasingly distant sun will retire behind a pall of indifferent grey clouds. In truth we should take pleasure in every day but it’s hard to accept the inevitable death of the light and the withering of the earth in its absence.

Autumn is a time of abundance but it is also the visible slowdown and halt to nature’s engine for another year. Personally, I love autumn though, the crispness of the air, the sweet scent of the falling leaves, the mysterious emergence of fungi from the earth in all their amazing forms. Even the sun as its fire is bleached of its power casts bright long shadows with stark graphic edges which I find very appealing to my eye.

It’s a curious time of the year – an elegiac celebration, a slow beautiful suicide made even more poignant by the compressed intensity of the light we now experience after a damp squib of a summer. I’ll do my best to celebrate each day, and on the darkest winter day ahead, look back upon this time with warmth and affection. Why rage at the dying of the light when you can bask in the warmth of its memory?


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