Too much information is power

The Grauniad today runs a story which tells us that George W Bush has decided to emerge from his seemingly self imposed exile as the Preston Hollow man to publish his memoirs and open a presidential library for all those who miss his unique style of BUllSHit – all this and a slot on Oprah too.

The experts from the National Archive are apparently wondering what to do with the  80 terabytes of misinformation pumped out like raw sewage during his eight years in office. Interestingly, Bill Clinton with his natural gift for the gab only managed four terabytes of digital doubleplus speak during his time, some of which probably made some sense to somebody.

When technology creates one problem, there’s always more technology to fix it. This time its his military complex chums, Lockheed Martin that have created a system that allows all this BUllSHit to be preserved in readable form long into the future. That’s the easy part, the real work, however, begins when 17 human archivists are chained to their desks to sift through the material selecting priority areas defining his administration – highlights like 9/11, weapons of mass deception and his old girlfriend Katrine will probably figure highly.

I truly feel sorry for those people – it could be a job for life or a one way ticket to the rubber room – seventeen doomed souls paid to sift through eight years of carefully scripted mass media misinformation. Will they find any pearls among the sea of turds? – highly unlikely, but it proves the point that in these desperate modern digital times, talk is cheap but words are cheaper still.


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