Who you gonna call?

It’s a momentous thing starting a blog I thought to start with a big issue like the existence of God, a subject which is close to my heart, or distant as you may or may not deduce. And since we are talking about deductions, let’s go straight to the fictional engine of the deductive mind, No-shit-Sherlock Holmes whose guiding analytical motto goes: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Right then, how about the existence of God or as George Carlin so succinctly put it: “The invisible man in the sky”.

Well, I can look out of my window at any given moment and see the sky but if God is invisible then I will have to deduce that a: he is there (no matter how improbable) and b: I probably also need a new prescription from Specsavers – something to help the scales fall from my eyes or at least remove the mote of dust or four-by-two currently causing me to squint.

I’ve always liked the rather pejorative term for religious folks (well one in particular) God botherers. It’s probably a term that describes Christians, most likely English ones because it implies that they are causing Jahweh some small inconvenience by their  petitioning, probably starting their prayer with the line: “Sorry to bother you once again God but…” This is no doubt inconvenient for the Creator who has no voicemail or call center to pick up the receiver. But at least, suspecting it’s another one of those wretched cold callers,  it gives him a chance not to reply or, better still for the petitioner, to actually answer the prayer in question (wouldn’t that be a miracle).

After all, it seems that no matter how improbable his existence, he is up there somewhere blissfully unaware of the sheer volume of wretched souls down on earth asking for this or that favour, drowning in tidal waves of toxic sludge, two months late in their mortgage payment or simply hoping for that sparkling 42″ 3D television they saw in the shop window the other day. Ignorance is truly bliss for him. Alternately, we could ask the question, would he care if he knew or is his complete lack of intervention  everything to do with the fact that he gave us free will to fuck things up our own way, which is a great get out of jail card for any would be Creator spirit in charge of this world.

Back here on earth, or more poetically put, the veil of tears, it’s business as usual. Poverty, ignorance, misery and world religions are all working hard to ensure that the majority continue to believe in a higher power to lift us all out of the shit we’re in. And for the rest of the world, the growing minority of wealthy, informed and happy Holy Ghostbusters, the answer is: ‘Who you gonna call?’ and the question is: ‘Why should you anyhow?’







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